Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dr Appt

Well today was my first "real" doctor's visit... bloodwork and all that stuff was great....
Then onto the ultrasound..... *a little background info - I had an ultrasound done a little at a little over 8 weeks, and the baby measured a week behind, so we thought my date was just off, so adjusted the due date back a week, but the baby was very balled up and wasn't able to be measured very well*
Today, the baby actually measured 2 days ahead of my original date, which was perfect, so now back to my first due date of June 12th, 2011. Seeing this little one on the screen made it seem so much more real. Hard to believe that little person is growing inside of me. It still hasn't clicked. Regardless, I'm so excited.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sick of Being Sick

Its a dang good thing that we think 3 is our "magic number" because I don't think I ever want to go through this again...

Pregnancy w/ Mikey was rough. I was sick from 4-12 weeks for a few hours each morning, but after those dreadful few hours, I felt relatively okay. Now the end of the pregnancy was a whole different store, that was pure misery.

Pregnancy w/ Carter was a dream. Easy as pie. I felt great from the day I found out I was pregnant til the day I delivered. Not a single complaint.

Now this pregnancy... I've been sick since I found out I was pregnant. And not just morning sickness, its all day sickness. No food sounds appetizing, and when I do decide something sounds good and I go to eat it, either I decide nope, not what I wanted, or the baby decides it doesn't like it and I end up sick yet again. Add horrible migraines on top of that, plus the other delights of pregnancy that I will spare anyone who reads this.

I only hope and pray that I start to feel better around the 2nd trimester... Blah!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Baby #3

We found out we were expecting baby #3 on October 8, 2010. Had no idea that I might be pregnant, just figured I would take a test just because something in my gut told me to do it. Pretty sure you can guess how the test turned out. lol, Positive! Woah, wow, what the #@$%???!?!? I really didn't know what to think at first. This was at 10 o'clock in the morning, Andrew was at work and I was slightly freaking out... Somehow, I managed to not mention it to Andrew during our phone chats during the day.
When he got home from work, I was standing in the kitchen working on dinner. We talked for a minute, and I told him, "So, ummm.... we have a problem."
His response was, "Did you get a ticket?" ................. I laughed and told him no, our problem was a bit bigger than a ticket. He asked, "Are you pregnant?" ........... Yep!!
He was as baffled as I was. We both were caught off guard, not upset at all, just shocked.
Within 10 minutes of telling him our big news, the goofball had gotten on the computer and started looking up his dream SUV, an excursion. After all, our family was growing and now we HAVE to have a bigger car. lol It was priceless.

We waited about a week before telling Mikey about the new baby. We were in the car on the way to Walmart and figured it was as good a time as any...
I told him that mommy had a big secret to tell him, of course he gets all excited. I go on to tell him that we were going to be having another baby. He did not believe me, at all. He tells me "Haven't I told you and daddy about playing tricks on me?!" lol, it was too funny, he also told me that there was no way we were having another baby because my tummy was not fat.
After the shock set in for him, I asked him what he thought about having a new brother or sister, he informed me.... "Boringgggggg!" lol Such a goof ball, but a great big brother (most of the time)

So far this pregnancy has kicked my butt. Some days I feel great, some days I just want to hug the toilet, all day. There really is no in between for me. I'm now about 8 weeks along... next doctor appt isn't until the 9th of December, right at the end of the first trimester. Can't wait for the first one to be OVER!!!!

Giving this blogging thing another try!

Well, thought I'd give blogging another try. Life is flying by so fast I can hardly keep up with it myself on a daily basis.
How would I sum up life as of right now?
Married to the most amazing person I have ever met for almost 5 years.
Proud mommy to Mikey Brandon and John Carter.
Pregnant with baby Pruitt #3.
In love with my family and life.

Not really sure where life is headed, at all, but it's taking us one heck of a ride. Just going to hang on and enjoy every minute of it.